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Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to use your Daycare or Cage Free Boarding services. What do I have to do?

(All dogs must be at least 5 months old to attend our off leash services. They must also be spayed or neutered by 7 months of age.)

Before your dog can attend our Daycare or Cage Free Boarding they must first schedule a daycare evaluation with one of our management team.  An evaluation day is an opportunity for us to get your dog’s vaccination information, confirm all of your contact information, and to introduce your dog to some friendly dogs from our daycare. We want to make sure your dog is going to be comfortable using our services.

The evaluation day is a full day, and it is free!

Once your dog passes the evaluation we can schedule a reservation for your dog for daycare or boarding.

What is Cage Free Boarding?

Cage Free Boarding is an alternative to traditional kenneled boarding. The dogs here all play together all day in daycare, then sleep together with a staff member in the room at night. The dogs have free choice to sleep in the bed with the employee, on a dog bed, or in a dog house. The only time the dogs are crated is to feed them meals, since we cannot feed them together. Other than mealtimes, they are free to socialize, play with other dogs or snuggle with an employee. That also means they are visible by webcam all day and night.  It is really pretty cool!

Why do you require the dogs to be dropped off by 1pm on their first day of boarding?

Cage Free Boarding only works if all of the dogs sleeping over are tired. We want your dog to be here long enough on their first day of their stay to burn enough energy that they are ready to sleep when the lights go down.

You can drop your dog off as early as when we open for their first day of boarding, but they must be here by at least 1pm.

What time do I have to pick my dog up from boarding on their last day?

Our Cage Free Boarding prices include a stay that lasts until 10:00 on their final day of their boarding. Should you need to pick up later than 10:00, no problem! We simply consider this daycare and will prorate the daycare charges as either a half day (if you pick up by 1pm) or a full day (if you pick up after 1pm.)
(Just a reminder that our Sunday hours end at 1pm, so a Sunday pick up must be before that time.)

Should I pack my dog’s own food, or will they eat your food while they board?

This is your preference. We feed Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream (salmon based) dry food. Your dog may eat our food or yours, there is no difference in the cost of the boarding. If you pack your own food, however, please be sure to pack enough for their entire stay.

Do you charge extra to give my dog medication?

We never charge to administer medications for dogs in any of our services.

Do you charge extra to give my dog a nap or lunch in daycare?

During our daycare service any naps or lunches are a small additional charge.

Why do you collect my credit card information for boardings?

We collect credit card information in the case that there are unpaid charges on your account after a boarding is completed. The credit card on file may be used to pay for these charges. You may also use this credit card on file as a method of payment for other Good Mojo transactions so you do not have to have your card on your person when picking up your dog.

Is Offleash Play safe for my dog?

Any time your dog is allowed to socialize there is always going to be the risk of injury or illness.  Of course the additional stress of being away from home also carries its own potential health issues, more so for very old or very young dogs.  Bringing your dog into any situation with other dogs will always run these risks.

Our job, as professional dog handlers, is to make your dog as comfortable as possible, ensure they are having fun, keep our facility disinfected, and keep your dog safe.

We believe that the benefits of dog socialization far outweigh the risks.  Incidents of dog aggression, illness or injury are rare in a well-run facility.  It can never be 100% prevented, but the risk can be greatly minimized.

How do you reduce the risk for my dog?

Staff training.  We certify all staff in Pet CPR and First Aid, as well as the 16 part “Knowing Dogs” staff training program.  Our staff is one of the most well trained staff in the region.  Our motto is “Prevention, not reaction.”

Awesome people.  Our staff really love dogs.  That sounds like a no-brainer in this industry, but decisions made regarding dogs must always be made with the best interest of your dog at heart.  Convenience, profit, and taking the “easy way” cannot come into these decisions.  Our staff know your dog.  We love the dogs who come here.  We will go the extra mile to make sure your dog is happy, safe, and cared for to the highest standards -- and Good Mojo’s standards are high!

Disinfection.  We disinfect our facility from top to bottom every day with a dog-safe, veterinarian strength disinfectant.  Water bowls, toys, walls, floors, bedding, dog houses, play equipment, yards and everything your dog comes into contact with get disinfected at least once a day (many things are done several times daily.)

Group Play Evaluations.  We evaluate every new dog in our program before they can play with your dog.  We also constantly evaluate all dogs’ compatibility with our program.

What is kennel cough?  Is my dog at risk?

Kennel cough is a contagious cough that is not associated with other diagnosed conditions.  It is a canine cold.

The viruses that cause dog colds are airborne.  We are also talking about a population of affectionate animals that kiss each other, share toys and water bowls.

If a cold went through the population at your office, you would understand that your employer would do as much as possible to disinfect your workspace, but cannot guarantee you won’t get the cold.  In fact, no matter how careful you are (and how much you do not lick others on the face) you are very likely to get the cold making its way through the office.

Kennel cough vaccinations are a very good idea.  They protect your dog from the most common causes of canine cough.  They do not, and cannot, protect your dog from all causes of canine colds, similar to our human flu vaccinations cannot protect us from all causes of the flu.  If your dog is vaccinated they are less likely to catch something going around in the dog community, but are still vulnerable to many of the viruses and bacteria that are out there – as well as new ones that pop up.

The only way to 100% guarantee your dog will not get a contagious illness is to never take your dog where other dogs might be or have been, and for you to also not touch other dogs even when your dog is not present (you could carry the virus/bacteria home on your clothes).  Also, no one who has touched another dog should touch yours.

What vaccinations are required to bring my dog to Good Mojo?

All dogs are required to have updated rabies, distemper and Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccinations. 

Why do I have to wait 48 hours for my dog to come play after applying flea and tick treatment for my dog?

During the 48 hour period following application of topical flea and tick treatment your dog may have wet chemicals still sitting upon their skin and coat. Some dogs are extremely sensitive to them. Our decision to keep your dog away from the daycare and boarding dogs here at Good Mojo is to protect all dogs from any kind of reaction to these chemicals. Thank you for your help in this!


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