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Good Mojo Dog Center

Come have fun with your dog!

The Good Mojo philosophy is that having a dog in your life should be fun.  Untrained or unruly dogs are not much fun to manage, so we offer fun training classes with Good Mojo University to build your relationship into a partnership.  We play fun games and use positive reinforcement to create results.  Your dog wants to work with you, they just need to know what you want them to do.  We will show you how.  Our classes are designed to strengthen your communication with your dog and have fun while you are doing it! 

Our cage free daycare is an excellent outlet for energy and socialization for your dog.  They go home exhausted and happy from playing all day with their friends.  Hyper, naughty and destructive dogs are trying to tell you they need more exercise and stimulation.  Good Mojo Dog Center is here to help.

Our grooming services help keep you dog clean, healthy and happy.  You will love how great they look and smell.  Your dog will love the fresh, clean feeling!

Our overnight boarding is designed to be stress-free and fun for your dog.  We wouldn’t want our dogs stuck in a cage or kennel while we vacation, and we don’t want that for your dogs either.  Our boarding is cage free, staffed 24 hours a day, and designed to give your dog lots of exercise, personal attention, stimulation and fun.  Dogs are not crated or kenneled except at mealtimes.  They have the freedom to choose to sleep in dog houses, on dog beds, blankets, or curled up with an employee.

The folks at Good Mojo Dog Center are here because we love dogs and we know you do, too.  Bring your dog by and see our center.  We would love to meet you and your dog!

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